Shader Bader and Toast

Coffee: Colombia Shady Bader Mandarin Natural

Dosage: 8g

Output: 150g

Grind size: 4.5 (EK43)

Brewer: Takashi Endoh Dripper

Brew temperature: 93°C

When just grinding the coffee, we were already captivated by its aroma. The most fruit-forward aroma ever! Imagine holding an orange very close to your nose (exactly how it smells). Best diffuser.  

We always love to have this cooled down a little before we enjoy. The candied nuttiness would become more profound and the mandarin tone was just throughout every single sip. The sweetness in it actually reminded us of chrysanthemum tea! We had it with scrambled egg on toast. Comforting. A piece of chocolate cookie will perhaps be a better compliment though. Nonetheless, we had a good morning with the toast!

On a side note, this feels like a very appropriate cup to have during Chinese New Year. That festive mandarin in it just speaks for itself. Gather your uncles and aunties, cousins and nephews. Surprise them with this amazing Shady Bader.

luli roasts.