The Oasis


Coffee: Ethiopia Burtukaana Bombe #2 Natural

Dosage: 8g

Output: 150g

Grind size: 9 clicks (Comandante CK3)

Brewer: Hario V60 #2

Brew temperature: 92°C

We were on a week-long break back in December. A short little trip to KL. To reunite with good old friends. To breath some fresh air on the land of WAWASAN. To have a few days spent at a slower pace. It's worth going through the swab tests, indeed, in return for a well rested body and mind.

We tried not to exaggerate but felt exhausted after the flight back to Singapore. Yes a 45-minute one from Malaysia. The next day, we just wanted to laze around. Switching our Comandante's knob to a coloured one was relaxing enough. We are totally in love with the thin orange strip that cuts through the middle! The slightly bigger knob gives a better grip. Well, that satisfaction was comparable to the uh-huh moment when we found that set of perfectly-fit ear piece.

Something about the trip. It was such an enriching one. Very first stop was Rex KL. A hearty bowl of noodles, iced cold beer by local brewery and long overdue conversation with Thomas. It felt so good. Wonderful time continued at a newly open roof top bar. Outdoor seatings, unpretentious stools, a bottle of natural red, breezy weather, what more could we have asked for? 

On the following days, it's reunion with friends and friends.

We travelled a bit out of town to check out Vvinnie's cute little spot, Yue Coffee Bar.  That space is a community condensed in a village house. Such vibe is almost non-replicable. It's the humans and little things around that make it. So proud of you girl!

The highlight of the holiday got to be the pizza night with our lovely roaster friend, February Coffee Roaster. It's our first personal meeting with the one and only Jamie! Her smile radiated through the air the moment she stepped in! We talked as if we were good old friends. What have we done to cross path with such sunshine? That's surreal to have spent the night with her and Leonard.

Then, Sujian and Chris completed the trip. We always love them. Their personality, charisma and taste is hard not to like. A big fan of Su Jian's sharing. This lady is a born-sweetheart. On the other hand, Chris is like the big brother next door. He knows what he's doing and literally, there's this sincerity and genuineness flowing in him. Oh yes, he loves donuts from Universal Bake House too! Thanks to Darren, we call each other friends now. The only shame was we haven't got to visit their charming hideout (Wild Sheep Home), taste that scope of ice cream churned  by Sujian and sip on that cup of coffee roasted by Chris.

So much more was inhaling new ideas and thoughts from the fellow friends back home, apart from bakery hopping. We are hopeful, that the good intentions behind every gesture win and are what carry us through high and low tides, again. Honesty is key.

Side note! That espresso we had at Awesome Canteen was divine. Beautiful Ethiopian Shakiso Washed by Artisan Roast. It's been a while we have had such a memorable shot. This one definitely made the cut. Fruity, sweet, balanced.

luli roasts.