Ending , The New Beginning



Coffee: Ethiopia Hambela Wamena Natural Anaerobic

Dosage: 8g

Output: 140g

Grind size: 9 clicks (Comandante CK3)

Brewer: Takashi Endoh Dripper

Brew temperature: 95°C

We are a little excited, anxious and nostalgic at the same time. Towards this week to come. Long-brewing idea of taking some time off is finally coming to realisation, accompanied by some slightly overwhelming order to fulfil before we go off the radar, to embark on a slightly different journey.

Well aware that today might be the most stressless day of the week, before all the roasting and packing, we savoured it the best we can. We started the day with a little jolt (usual 20-minute HIIT). This was one of the special days we wanted to commission Takashi Endoh's beige coffee dripper. On such celebratory morning, it's only apt that we took out this stash of Ethiopian gifted by dear friends from Cumulo. Strawberry milk, bubblegum and winey finish. That was some delicious coffee Daryl! Next time, we would love to brew at a slightly lower temperatute, for more aromatics! Thinking of Mich's bubbly face while pouring definitely helped elevate the flavours.  This ever supportive husband and wife are our pillar of strength. Not getting to talk to them on Thursday for a few weeks will be tough. They are as excited as us about this month-long exploration on a foreign continent. This is real friendship, no doubt.

We grabbed a piece of Jan's blackout after bidding a temporary goodbye to the talented folks at Pinhole Coffee Bar yesterday. As good as always Jan. Salted enough to cut through the richness of the dark chocolate! Our seasonal collab is coming to an end. It's unbelievable how 3 months just whooshed past like a whirlwind. Jaguara PB, Caballero #6, Tablon Gomez, Mama Simba, Burtukaana Bombe, La Independancia, Shady Bader, Rosa Paraiso and more. These origins mean so much to us. Starting with an espresso tasting at the round table in roastery, moving on to meeting the rest of the team and sort of following the progress of how the bar was coming into place, we are counting down to the finale showcase in the hopper. What a journey. Our biggest takeaway? Amanda, Hong Hao, Matt, Jan, Sean, Kiev. All the love for them (as well as the cookies Jan always shares with us and the pasta dish done by Matt).

Our heart is full now.

Cheers to a trip of surprises, delights and experiences. We will come back with a more jovial heart and uplifted soul!

luli roasts.