Aleto Wondo and Scones

Coffee: Ethiopia Aleto Wondo Natural

Dosage: 10g

Output: 150g

Grind size: 10 clicks (Comandante C40)

Brewer: V60

Brew temperature: 93°C

We found this recipe of blueberry scones from Monocle (magazine). It looked like a straight forward recipe and we thought it'd be easily nailed out! Sadly, we weighed the baking soda and salt wrongly during the first trial few days ago. The worse part was that salted butter was used instead of the unsalted one. Total disaster!

This afternoon, we were determined to get it right and cooked! After some sieving, mixing and kneading, we managed to put a tray of 11 irregularly shaped scones into the oven. Anyways, we were short of blueberries this time round! Fret not, Aunty Angie had some cheese (assumed as Limburger as she couldn't recall exactly what cheese it was) in the fridge. Half of the batch became basil and cheese scones while the other half still stuffed with blueberries. These little treats were ready 15 minutes later and they looked gorgeous!

For drinks, we paired it with Ethiopian Aleto Wondo Natural. Brewed way before the baking afternoon started, we added a bit of hot water to dilute and warm the coffee up as it was quite a strong cup to begin with. We prefer the savoury scones as the coffee cut through them nicely with the fruitiness! This delicate at the same time profound Aleto Wondo, basil and cheese scone's new best friend.

luli roasts.