Hambela and Bagel

Coffee: Ethiopia Guji Hambela G1 Natural

Dosage: 10g

Output: 160g

Grind size: 9 clicks (Comandante manual)

Brewer: V60 #2

Brew temperature: 93°C

Having spent the afternoon at our friends' place (Simple Cafe) yesterday, we brought home a bagel and some other bakes. This morning, we put shredded cheese, layered some sliced pumpkin and sprinkled a bit of dried oregano on the day-old bagel. There it went into the oven.

While toasting the bagel, we brewed the Guji Hambela (from Primordial Coffee, Tainan) on V60. The coffee beans itself smells fantastic. Almost like passionfruit cream custard. In the brew we found notes of guava, apricots and actually there's this interesting hints of ferments resembling durian or jackfruit at the back. Please don't take it as something off-putting! We love durians hence we savoured every sip all the way till the end.

Back to the bagel situation, things happened and we kind of over toasted it. The pumpkin was alright but the inner side of the bagel got a tad too dry and hard. Bites of bagel, sips of Guji Hambela, life goes on and we still had quite a decent breakfast. 

PS: Simple Cafe's bagels are our favourites and they definitely taste delicious with the right amount of chew. We are sure they do a much better job at serving these babies in house. Go try!

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