Coconut and Miso

It's another day of trying out new recipe found on Monocle. We made chicken miso udon. Not a complicated dish but the outcome looked so nicely put together (knowing it's from amateur like us)!

Weather has been unbearably hot. A dry udon just hit the spot. After work, we grabbed some minced chicken (pork was used in the original recipe), spinach, Japanese cucumbers and a few loose packs of udon from supermarket. Best part about this dish, no prior prep work is needed. For the chicken miso paste, fry up garlic and ginger. Add miso, mirin, soy sauce, honey (sugar works as well) and water. While reducing, cook some udon. Serve the miso chicken on top of udon. Definitely go for the extra mile and fry an egg please. Garnish with some greens too. Cucumber works impeccably well with miso!

Coconut water was apt for the humidity and heat. It also cut through the slightly heavy tasting miso. Throw in some fruits if you don't mind and we found 2 apricots in the fridge. Our work revolves a lot around caffeine and extreme rounds of tasting. An umami-packed carb dish is a good savoury balance.

luli roasts.