Tablon Gomez and Shokupan

Coffee: Colombia Tablon Gomez Washed

Dosage: 19g

Output: 34g

Shot timing: 23s

Grinder: Versa Lab Grinder M3

Brewer: Iberital IB7 Single Group Head Espresso Machine

Brew temperature: 93°C

Thursday feels almost like a little community day as we get to meet other roasters. They come in and do their work. Also, we exchange good finds of cafes or bakeries, ideas of packaging, exotic coffee beans and so on. 

Two days ago, Michelle and Daryl from Cumulo Coffee showed up at roastery to do their weekly roast. This time round though, they packed us loaves of shokupan and a jar of jam as well. YES! They made these from scratch. Michelle has been trying to make shokupan and this week we finally got to try some!  Daryl topped it up with homemade strawberry balsamic jam. For sure they are one of the most hands-on pair of husband and wife we have met! This thoughtful bundle made our day. Gorgeously wrapped, nicely taped and tied.

We found some Colombia Tablon de Gomez lying around and pulled a shot out of it. Perhaps age is catching up (that bloated feeling after drinking milk is real unpleasant). Else, we sincerely and more willingly accept the fact that people make better dairy alternatives these days! A white with oatmilk is more like the go-to now. The chocolaty and nutty white, toasted shokupan with butter and jam, nothing fancy but scrumptious enough to fill our heart (and stomach too).

luli roasts.