Deborah and Bao

Coffee: Panama Finca Deborah Geisha Washed

Dosage: 14g

Output: 230g

Grind size: 5.5 (EK43)

Brewer: Hario Mugen 

Brew temperature: 96°C

Another Thursday. Another end of the work week. Daryl brought over his personal stash of Panama Geishas from April Coffee Roasters. Something delicate would be great to soothe our exhausted body and mind following a renovation weekend in the roastery.

A lot of packing, unpacking, repacking and reallocation was happening the past two weeks. We can finally say it's getting there. Looking more like a roastery now! The brew bar looks more pleasant to do some pour overs. Toaster is back in place. Time for well-deserved mid morning break!

We brewed some washed Geishas. The aroma was earl grey-ish with forward coming lemony notes. Very tea-like texture accompanied by white floral hints in every sip. Local breakfast always has a spot in our heart and on the table was 'shao bao' from a small bakery in Jurong this morning. Warm in up for the flaky outer crust (we bought it the evening before). Bao and hot Brew, the morning booster.

luli roasts.