Break and Bagel


We had our vaccine jab yesterday. We went to check on our friends at Simple Cafe and Kizuna. We stopped by the roastery to do some taste tests. Rough count was around 9 pour overs. One hell of a busy day. 

This morning, we felt lethargic. The mind yearned for something soothing (not coffee please). Right arm was quite sore. The wound (tripped on some sharp surface) on the left calf was still tender. All these screamed for rest, couching and watching Olympics.

Still, we take our breakfast very seriously. Chilly morning it was. A good old sunny side up, our favourite bagel in town from the bunch behind Simple Cafe, pea sprout drizzled with yuzu sesame dressing and, every one's childhood favourite (we assume!), MILO. Pretty sexy line-up for a Saturday's breakfast right! Having chowed down everything, we just went straight back to bed. 

Recent news about Simone Biles withdrawing from the all-around finals is a wake-up call. We at luli roasts always emphasise the importance of mental health. This young lady backing out is the loudest way to speak up for herself. Admitting the problems is the beginning to building a stronger and more resilient self. We totally salute what she just did. 

Hence, do not feel shy to take a break. Then, march on with the rhythm you feel like. You are the queen of your own life. Cheers!

luli roasts.