Gyukuro and Sourdough

Tea: Gyukuro (玉露)

Dosage: 8g

Water volume: Enough to cover the tea leaves

Brewer: Toriikanaami (Kyoto) Tea Brewer

Brew temperature: 45°C

A switch of mode from coffee to tea the past Saturday. We grabbed a loaf of 'Humble' sourdough from Bakers Bench Bakery. It's one of the local shops we frequent. Bakes are yummy. Staff are awesomely friendly. The blueish hue inside the bakery always gives us a sense of coziness and slightly foreign vibes. 

Out of coffee beans at home, the small jars containing these precious Gyukuro from Daryl (Cumulo Coffee) came to rescue! Following his shared recipe, we had this refreshingly sweet tasting cup of green tea to go with our wholesome plate of breakfast. We don't know much about tea and when it comes to this, we ran out of words to describe its magic almost. Greenish. Vegetative in a good way. Licorice lingering at the back.

Stumbled upon the rebranded Greenfields' milk on a grocery online store, we couldn't resist to grab one (we are all visual). Not quite sure if the aesthetics adds some point to the taste, we quite enjoyed the fresh milk version!

luli roasts.