Danche, Folks and Stories

Coffee: Ethiopia Chelbesa Danche Gedeo Wolisho Washed

Dosage: 8g

Output: 150g

Grind size: 9 clicks (Comandante CK3)

Brewer: Hario V60 #2

Brew temperature: 93°C

These few weeks have not been the easiest for us. Many thoughts are sweeping through the mind. Mental fatigue kicks in, we feel lost. Going back and forth about the social restrictions (thanks to pandemic), mundanity of work, lack of excitement and struggles of holding onto the passion that kicked start us, change of momentum in the environment we have always been in.  They are adding up and we are feeling this not-to-be-overlooked pressure. Yes, totally get the message of tidying up our mind to bring mental health back on track. Apparently, still quite some work to be done!

Genuine friendships and support shine in the darkest time. Sweet encouraging words from Michelle and Daryl. Just-in-time messages from Jamie (February Coffee Roaster). A beautiful box of bakes sent by Jin Yee (we go way back). She's one of the biggest takeaways from our 2-month exchange in Taiwan 8 years ago. Yes 8 years! We have this telepathic connection when she can just tell something is off. She remembers we are fond of bakes by Folks and Stories. Our heart sank when unboxing. That means someone cares and always listens. Folks and Stories is a local bakery in Everton Park. This is the anniversary assortment box containing 6 pieces of their specials. Every single one was uniquely gorgeous. Still we have our favourites. Top two has got to be N°3 Nutty Professor (roasted pistachio sandwiched between brown butter cookies) and N°2 Urban Globetrotter (earl grey between malted chocolate). These are real guilty pleasures. Not overwhelmingly rich but we taste every single hint of flavours mentioned. Sincere. Delicious.

Sparkles in other people's work inspires us and we embrace the excitement of trying new coffees. We just get bored with our own stash perhaps? Weekenders from Kyoto has been in our radar for a while. We stumbled upon their coffee beans on a web store. A washed Ethiopian sounded just right to go with the bakes. It was a cup of refreshment. Earl grey tea. Lemon. Coming right after was melons. We missed a light, delicate brew like this, very very much. Michelle tried it as well. She imagined having this by the window chilling away. We added on: "How about it being a rainy afternoon as well?"


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