Gotiti and PBJ 

Coffee: Ethiopia Guji G1 Gotiti Washed

Dosage: 10g

Output: 150g

Grind size: 4.8 (EK43)

Brew temperature: 93°C

In 2017, we spent around 3 weeks in Tainan for a break. There we attended a roasting class conducted by Ms Hui Ju (known as HuiRu Lao Shi) and got to know Xin Yue, one of the class mates at the time. These two ladies are some of the loveliest we have met. This notorious pandemic has definitely taught us to appreciate all these in-person meetings when we are able to do so. We miss them and Taiwan, very badly.

A few days ago, we received this parcel containing 2 packs of Ethiopia Gotiti Washed and one of Ethiopia Guji Hambela G1 Natural from the ladies. Gotiti is always gorgeous from what we can remember. On our road trip from Tainan to Chia Yi, we stumbled upon this little roastery cafe called Slow Soul Cafe and had a very pleasant Iced Gotiti (filter). The company at that time, the holiday mood we were in and the warm hospitality of the owner all added up to this fond memory of Gotiti, no doubt.

We brewed some Gotiti Xin Yue roasted. The aroma was straight up Iced Lemon Tea! Coming along were kiwi, strawberry and melon that lingered at the back. When cooled down, it reminisced longan water. It was a very enjoyably clean cup throughout. Good roast Xin Yue!

The past week almost felt like Christmas with parcels coming almost every day. The Balmuda toaster we ordered a while ago finally arrived! To pair Gotiti, we toasted some white bread then spread peanut butter and jam on it. This evergreen combination never goes wrong. We had the plain toast itself as well and have to say, Balmuda lives up to its reputation (in our opinion), put aside its sleek look. Beautifully toasty on the outside, soft on the inside. 

luli roasts.